11 May 2013


I know because I'm Exhibit A and I've watched myself go down, but it's good to read what a pal sends me - this. Yes, indeed ~ big deal, as any caregiver will tell you.

  • I used to ask if any research had been done into the long-term effects of what I was being put through. It was a trick question, I knew the answer: not a moment's thought had crossed their minds that research was even needed. 
  • Quite apart from slaving on vile gardenry
  • Quite apart from facing 60cms across a table the thief of one's most precious mementos
  • 60cms from dementia repeatia  droning ad murderous nauseam.

  If I meet some fellow sop in danger of taking on care grovelry, I'll tell them outright:
"If I had a pistol I would drill you where you stand and happily go to the chair for saving you the hell that lies ahead.
FFS, find a brawny-armed bovine bully of a pro' - no truck with extra-mural gardenry shit, take it  straight to her manager ... and walk off the job."
Thievery? A smacking back-hander there and then while contempt and anger are still white hot. And keep whacking.

This article is too coy about the torture.

The comments at the time had it right about my own theft: 
"Can you imagine how far down the moral sewer you'd have swill to come up with a double-act like that? What a piece of work."
  • Hire a hardened outsider who simply won't be buggered around. 
  • Change shifts every six months to save sanity
  • Count the silver
  • Don't expect them at any funeral. Enough will have been enough and they'll have kicked the sand off and be miles away, knocking back a deservèd slug or five and not giving a damn about clanging bells. Enough toll taken. 
  • Who cares about the carers?
  • Breaking point ~ Long and arduous

If you're going to shove anyone's face down the bog bowl of your own hobby, when they're allowed up for air, don't expect too aesthetic an appreciation of the finer points of the porcelain.


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