25 May 2013


I really mean 'watch the fingers'.

Watch Skip James make it look easy.

Now watch John Renbourn really make it look easy.

I liked this so much I bought the music and i tried and i tried to play it. 

i could not imagine the tangle of fingers JR must have got into playing this. 

then youtube came along and i pounced on the chance to watch le maitre in action.

the bugger, the absolute bounder.

i knew what it took to reach those chords and notes, the stretches and agile right-hand fingering.

he just seems to be brushing the strings.

OK, while we're talking technique, how about this very cheeky handling of Sultans of Swing.

Long time since i'd stopped to admire and gnash enviously - and this came out of the blue at me. Just when you think you've heard it, that's when you hear it. 

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