14 May 2013


Intriguing review in the NYT of Jonno Dee's    A Thousand Pardons.

Set me in mind of my own family's pieces of thefty works and inability refusal to come out with even a strangled S-word.

  • Confession as a business strategy - love it! In our case up in Gouvia Heights, it was more like denial as home and social strategy
  • Person A grants B forgiveness - which is redeemed?
  • Ha ha - the idea of someone being subjected to a level of disgrace so epic as to leave ones 'casual acquaintances' unsure how to acknowledge it. 
  • Ugh - a bit bone-close here: Dee being "interested less in emotional nuance than in the opportunities that crisis affords." 
It's either the sort of review you read or not. Just offerin'

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