23 May 2013


In three hours I collect a 'Fender' for €150.

The seller didnt specify so i am praying it is a 'steal' of a Telecaster.

Candles are lit, St Spiridion has been groveled to.

Commentaria ~ kindly Anon asks if the 'caster was all i'd hoped for.

It was not. Money back, so ive got €150 with which to woo Denise over dinner at Xaris'.


Took comfort in my comfort tune.

You guys wont get this arrangement of the Petty classic, but it's a joy to play on a decent fretboard.

TOUCHÊ - I'm so touched by Anon's fret-savvy timely concern, let me add a tune close to my heart.

When Larry Carlton's 'On Solid Ground' came out, I was captivated. The production values alone were stunning.

I'd hang out at Kontinental Studios and use Barry Chiu's range of top guitars to play along.

Alors, suddenly it was announced that Larry was stopping off in Hong Kong en route back from a Japan tour.

The radio ads started appearing -

"His parents called him 'Larry'. Larry Carlton."

 I phoned my editor ~ "FFS! Have you heard the ignorant ads for this major major guitarist?"

'Never heard of him, Chris. Want to do an interview? I've got nothing for that week."

You bet I wanted. I'd moved on to trying to ape his style on his acoustic work.

Loipon, the day came and so did Typhoon Maureen (they named them by wimmin, a bit sexist) and Nippon-Honkers flights were said to be off.
  • LC and the boys caught the last flight out, to arrive to already feeble sales.
  • I felt terrible for him and phoned the Mandarin, no answer. Phoned City Hall in case and was told yes, he's setting up his gear. Talk about a conscientious pro. 
I zipped down there and sure 'nuff he n the band were there.

  • Introduced myself and apologised for the weather and he was so friendly and relaxed. 
  • Part way thru the interview he said 'Hey, Chris, you've really done your homework, sounds like you're a fellow musician. Want to play something? All the gear's here'
  • I only knew my own songs but I knew Larry's album off pat. I said, "Well, I'd love to try Solid Ground
"You got it!"
  • With that, he took out his Valley Arts guitar, handed it to me and went over to check the amp. "Reckon youre good to go, buddy. Guys?"
  • Listen really really closely, because I still tear up at the memory: he fronking handed me his guitar, didnt ask if I knew which way was north on a fretboard, just sat back and said 'Man! This is soo nice to be played for.'
  • I knew it backwards but listen to the tune, to the backing Roland, the bass, the steady beat. Larry went over to the amp and fiddled the effects as I picked along. Yo! It's one thing to be fingering the notes; quite another to have all the pedal work coming out the other end. The sax player loved being interrupted after so few bars and gave a faux shrug of resignation. Listen to the hammer/claw re-entry (2.18 mark). 
  • Oh for goodness sake, just Listen. Gorgeous melody. I didn't get it all right, but it felt so.
Finalement - and I know you can't handle the truth, but you're going to get a taste - Emotions Wound Us So.

Fronking 'live' ffs. Brilliant.


Anonymous said...

Well Mr Corfucius, was it what you hope it would be?

Corfucius said...

nope. returning it, money back. the electrics were fried. strummed too soon.