27 May 2013


Thanks to hawk-eyed jim potts spotting and sending this hubris blog on one of my mother's favourite cookery books.

scribbled something off at the time.

 Villain de Kay ~ glad to see that blackguard deKay is named and shamed for his inexplicable unprofessional behaviour.

None of us could understand what on earth had come over him, altho' i heard on the sly that a sour-graped pal had intended to bring out a rival book but, seeing how good Cell was, decided not to go ahead but all the same poison deKay into a little schadenfreude.

 "The name deKay was a harbinger of broken promises. We could not order our books, even with a good friend at the helm of Athens’ biggest distribution agency. Faxes, emails, and phone calls went unanswered. Finally, a cold letter arrived from deKay, reporting that he had trashed the books, dumping them in the remainders market. He could give no reason and, when I sent a New York friend to investigate, he could only tell her, incredibly, that he “had taken against the book.” (!)"

Funnily enough, the Greek publisher who told me this said breezily "The same was done to your mother in case she published a book on gardening that was better than as good friend of the president." I didnt believe it but my mother hinted at that and I heard it from others, but no solid proof. 

Available from good ol' Amazon.

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