06 July 2013



A song I wrote for the Holy Trinity Summer Fayre 2012but didn't sing because I cocked up the acoustics by thinking the Ovation would carry which, of course, it didn't.

Then I acquired my fake 'Fender' and sang it at this year's fair, 
but it still didn't hit the spot, so I did a quieter edited version you have here, complete with swallows and view.

Flattering response from my pals world wide and a demand from my daughters for the full words.

View of the Cross ~ the composer's cut

Too many pulpits, not enough priests,
Too many injuns, too many chiefs,
Too much taking for granted 
My Father's forbearance with all my moaning and grief, 
Something tells me, I've lost my view of the cross.

Mister MoneyChanger, with your coats and your ties,
To the bright lights no stranger, where the women writhe,
You sent your boy to the best schools,
Your friends all found him jobs:
My Father sent his Only Son to the Cross.


Don't block my view of the cross, mister, 
Let your faith shine thru,
It's the only view i've got, sister,
How Jesus died for you and me

Come on down, girl, won't you sit by me,
I'm just a lonely sinner, hoping for the Lord's mercy
I thought I was the bee's knees, I thought I'd won the toss,
I should have read the small print on the cross

Chorus B

Walking in the Garden of Gethsemane, in the cool of the day
No hicksters no tricksters no enemies,
Or that's what the Good Book says
But they pinned him to the nearest tree so he could end his day
With a view, you get a good view from the Cross

Did you hear the cock crow? thrice on the dot
Did we *know* the Galilean, of course we did not.
Peter's face in the firelight, talk about guilty and lost
There's a man gotta topsy turvy view of the cross

Regular Chorus

Don't block my view of the cross, brother,
There's a green hill far away
Jesus said to love one another,
Or look pretty foolish come judgment day

Lean against me, girl, say you love me too
You dont have to mean it, coz I'm so crazy 'bout you:
A woman like you at a good man's side: 
Gates of Heaven open wide, Gabriel blow his trumpet and in you glide,
A one-woman view of the cross.

Verse - Morning has broken, harsh words been spoken,
New sermons smokin' all over town:
I like her style, I crave her smile
I fear her good-Greek-wife-frown
... And the legs on that woman, make a preacher lay the Good Book down.

Backstory: When I agreed to play, it was for the Mrs Vicar at the time of whom I was very fond and still miss. 
I mentioned to a few of the faithful that I was composing a 'churchy' song especially for the event. Knowing me, they got nervous and so one evening at one of my quiet tavernas where I occasionally strum, they cornered me and asked to hear it. They were pleasantly surprised.
I also played some of Hank's religiosi tragoudi - Jesus is Calling, The Rugged Cross, Bloodstains - the good ones.

'Fingers' Ozanne - The school where I was confirmed had a sad figure of a chaplain, always somehow taking after-game showers and missing no opportunity to touch us up - rather as, years later, I'd test a girl's beddability by brushing her hand to make a point, or touching her shoulder as I eased past to order another round. One knows in an instant if they like to be touched.
At the next school concert I aired my new air:
"Just been Confirmed, the worm has turned,
My Saviour's hand on my nervous knee,
Yea, tho' I shower in the valley of death,
His keen gaze watches over me:
(E min) I play the game in weather foul,
He's always there with a draping towel,
Whispering chasuble, embroidered cowel,
Hosanna in the highest! Lights-out prowl
Halleluya! I'm Confirmed!"

No-one could quite touch me but it was a catchy melodie and 'Fingers' never quite escaped the low hummed chorus when he did his rounds. First poof I'd come across.


Anonymous said...

Now for the full studio production!

Corfucius said...

thanks, anon. i wish! trouble is, i'd want to use them jambes as album cover to quadruple sales ("And yeh, u got that Legs album by that ... bloke wotever") and im not sure la jambière would permit.