16 December 2013


Oh no! Literally ochi - my favourite pin-up toughie hottie Rebekah Brooks comes up on trial on Monday.

NEVER KNOWINGLY CORRUPT - Oh dear, my divine Bekkie may ever so slightly have fibbed herself into a jam over 'corrupt' payments.

Forensic Detail ~ I'm told The Drum is the where I need to be to track this whole Coulckoldgate.

RB faces trial with 7 other defendants, including Andy Coulson, a former News Corp editor and a former communications chief for British Prime Minister.

First jury selection, then Prosecutors laying out their case.
Also on trial is hubby Charlie Brooks, accused of concealing documents, computers and other electronic equipment from police investigators in July 2011.
I bet there are some unhappy people wishing this hadn't raised its head at this particular moment. 

And they're off! Poor wretches

Slammer bound - I can't stand it. Hizzonner could sum up for the defence and still my fragrant Bekah will go down. The thought of her flame-haired tresses being mussed and mangled by those bull dykes ...

3 pled guilty - even before the thumbscrews went on. Doesn't look good. 

Six years amour! i can't stand it. Hot Bekah and dry Andy. also can't stand how collateral dirt emerges. Uh ohh - i dread Charlie's look. 

Not fair! Lay off her!

That affaire ~ that letter (incl 2 videos): 'the least of our worries, how do we really work this new relationship?' 

Andy Davies Channel 4 twitter

Fund of links - interesting take on the legal side from Dave Banks

Risky" conspiracy to try to hide evidence from police

Move material from the couple's Oxfordshire home before it was searched by officers.

Favourite cool line: " ...should have done a DLB (dead letter box) or brush contact on the riverside." Brush contact on the riverside, indeed. Who wrote this stuff? The PlebPlod 3?

'Andy Coulson - accused with others of conspiring to hack phones - also had his mobile phone messages secretly listened to.' 

They look like news editors but ...

Bekah delivered and Coulson in the pot
That's the Shakespearean fun n games you get when you play with the Iagos and brush contact down by the river side. 

Puters not Pizzas

Dedicated C4 News Brooksgate page

Fevered atmosphere - Lose the boxes

Bekah's Broken Heart - that's what we've all been waiting for. The Luhve interest.  

Millie - how ghastly painful this must all be for the Dowler family to be reminded and dragged over the coals again, all the while the sordid affaire playing out like some sideshow. I can't imagine what they're going through. 

Achtung ~ Gaol! - If payments traced, the caboose.

"Charlie, she's OK ... Bryant is clearly making stuff up ... was a concerted effort ... to push the start of the saga back ... in order to target Rebekah.

We will not let this happen."

Smoking cell phones - I don't like the ways it's going for my Becky ... the prosecution buzzards circle too purposefully ... 

Seems like Rebbers was, "Quite flippant ... She told me how ludicrous it was how people weren't aware of the simple way to protect the privacy of their mobiles." Ouch. Rather come round to bite the bugger.

Somewhere discreet - great plug for the Halkin. I worry more and more about the faint hint of bullying and unwarranted teasing of la Brooks.

Sensitive meeting ~ The inquiry revealed close links between senior figures in the Murdoch press and powerful politicians including Cameron, hence the sensitivity of the meeting between his media chief and the head of News International at a time of mounting scandal.

Clean sweep - some delicious quotes coming out of the trial. I'm just glad I'm not myself in the dock hearing my own words played back to me.

"A more aggressive purging policy" ... 90m emails recovered from the company's system but many millions of others lost permanently  ... "to eliminate in a consistent manner across NI (subject to compliance with legal and regulatory requirements as to retention) emails that could be unhelpful in the context of future litigation in which an NI company is a defendant".... Brooks suggested a new cut-off date, saying that "Everyone needs to know that anything before January 2010 will not be kept". The IT department replied, pointing out that the agreed policy was to delete only up to 1 December 2007. Brooks replied: "Yes to Jan 2010. Clean sweep."

Bulger Brooks - scroll down. Oh joy! My two fave sleuthings merge. Now all i need is plebgate to truth up that it was Jonny Venal Balls cycling past in the CCTV and everyone can go home.  

Lover scorn'd: 'f course they're 'diverging'. Six years' rutting dont mean nuthin' when the chips are down. Woman like Bekah? He must've known that, say what? He thought it was luhve? C'mahn, kid, wake up n smell the hemlock. I am loving this.  

Look at the photo, ffs. That's a woman sans a writhe of ruth in her. Even the copper in the background is thinking, "Thank gawd I wasnt on that plebgate nonsense. Cor! I could be up that Bek' bird like a rat up a drain pipe." 

Shock├Ęd - I knew Stu', got burned many times as a tyro PR handling top properties. 'Shocked' is not a word I'd apply. 

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