15 December 2013


Treadmill - I'm sorry ~ have I not been keeping family and fops au fait with my tribute to my mother's treadmill hobby of futility?

Bookmark it because I'm not going to tell you again.

Disgust - The day I hurled the barrow down the slopes in my disgust at slaving a whole wasted hour on idiot gardenry, my mother suggested I keep a diary.

"I am keeping a diary!" I spat. "It's called a 'blog'." 

'I mean a proper diary'.

"Oh, this'll be 'proper', all right."

* Saluting the mild-lyric'd Cee Lo for inspiring the famous additional Gouvia/Luluthia/Stinking theft verse

Cruising στα Γουβιά, baubles bereft
Where even the λουλούδια have the stench of theft.  

Lemons from the patio tree
The Eustace Diamonds - helpful recommendation in the Commentaria. Sounds my kind of reading.

Nomenclature - I've been snapping and joke-naming the flowers round the garden but completely overlooked genus thievrianus which has thrived partout since April 2007. 

The lovely Pilferiana, cultivated with sports and cuttings from the verdant slopes of Villa Thefti.

Filchensis agios louka

Holmesia peculatia - particularly lovely at this time of year.

Flora ladronia - introduced to Corfu in 2007 and thriving around Gouvia.

A hardy perennial, the Klepta elginentia.

 The 'fun' thing about this exercise is that my world-wide, albeit sulkily silent family, readership can't resist checking in, if only to see the wondrous florage.

It's called 'social engineering' ~ altho' Aunt this or Cousin that or Simperer once-removed ekei refuse to sully their keyboards by commenting, I play them off: "I gather X is a bit grumpy about my tenacity in keeping the pressure on about the Piece of Work ....

"Ooh, so you know, then? Yes, he was just spouting off about it at dinner the other day. Of course, Mabel was completely out of touch so we filled her in and she wondered if the jade bracelet she gave you for Georgina had survived the 'purge'. I told her, from your detailed reports, it seemed unlikely. She was not happy, and a little shocked at the whole treatment. I think she's writing."

 A Pimpernalia klopiana - hardy 'lier' in the bushes around Gouvia Heights.

 Many visitors are surprised to find a Filcheria climber outside Tuscany (right).
Opposite, Thefteria fruit. 


Simon Baddeley said...

Carrie suggests you might enjoy Trollope's The Eustace Diamonds for a study of respectable perfidy. It certainly resonates for us.

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Corfucius said...

Ah shaddup ... informational, my arse.

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