03 December 2013


Right on!! Busy day - Greek class for which i had swotted n swotted, wiped the board of fellow pupils and because of this wretched wagon i'm on, was un-hungover and severe and intolerant. Did not actually correct Mrs Snooty Know-All but caused nervous laughter by my rollèd eyes. Cannot stand being interrupted or spoken for if they can't fronking get it right. 

Dear dear Aleko, so unconfrontational. Snootella suggested we may have got off on the wrong foot. I held up the lesson of the day, "Me and lesson five are getting on just fine."

Snoot: "Perhaps the imperative can also be blah blah?"
Me - "Then it would end in ε, not ά, past tense. wake to the ending." right pain i was, grim satisfaction.

Came home and strummed guitar n walked the animals. Youtubed one singer and got bonnie and JLee. (Am i wrong? Round the 0.8 second mark B looks as if 'oh god, not again' can't be, just me) Anyway, love it when i find john with another fave chanteuse; that boy got around. Ramped it up to 11 and sorely missed that shot of bourbon. Sent to try us. Can you dig it?

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