31 December 2013


Brian May of Queen
First let's kick off with Good Company to cheer us up. It's not the most obvious choice to represent Brian but it's my favourite ... oh all right, On My Way Up, too.

OK, so after suffering from agonising back pain, poor bloke, Queen star and ace axe man Brian May (CBE) has revealed he is having urgent tests for cancer. A mere 66. 

Quoth Bri ~ “Now, on hearing the ‘C’ word something happens inside you... of course. I’ve seen so many of my dear friends fighting it ... and my dad lost his battle at age 66, exactly the age I am now."

So? ... So ... ? That's a year younger than I am now - and make it two next month when I clock up 68 on Feb 4.
Still, δάχτυλα διέσχισαν - fingers croisés - for Brian. 

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