14 December 2004

The Anthony Stevens

All sorts of good folks surrounding my mother these days - the stalwart Vicar Clifford and Avis Own; cheerful ubiquitous Brian, Brit consul, Lucy, et co - and an unknown name cropping up in chat - an actually published writer of immense distinction whose books sit tastefully arrayed in pride-of-place in San Luca's 'swanky reads' section. Check them out and *buy*.

Excellent track record, to boot, has the good doctor:

  • anthony stevensSymbolism ... life of the mind ... Ariadne's Clue definitely needs close reading while I'm here (after all, I have l'auteur at hand to elaborate on the denser footnotes)
  • The Roots of War reminds me of promoting Richard Clutterbuck
  • Anthony Storr's name is a *definite* case of the shrinking world syndrome: as Secker's PR, I handled the press/media coverage for Storr'sArt of Psychotherapy

All is well when we meet unexpectedly at one of the best lunches I've enjoyed, given by Jim and Lorraine Webster.

Il Dottore is on top form - as are we all - witty, wearing his learning lightly and taking his cue from others. Also, endearingly prone to my sort of treading where angels fear, in this case acting out a comic sketch, and not just *anyone*'s comic sketch but a John *Cleese* sketch and not just any old JC sketch but the Palin/Cleese Dead Parrot Sketch. Done with aplomb, to boot.

Meanwhile, the amazing Jim and Lorraine proceed to serve and amuse us as if supported by a fleet of flunkeys.

Jim's Canadian (perhaps they both are), and a Webster of Webster's Corner, no less, as in this little exchange, if not this sinister trot into Equus country.

Wonderful time, drank far too much, don't deserve to be invited again. Was asked by one and all why I kept a Blog but had consumed wayy too much of the fine wine to do more than burble. In fact, I have no idea why I keep one. Them, rather. For the company? For the pleasure of ferreting out accompanying hotlinks? For some corner of an e-field in which to tell the Truth? Qui sait? Certainly not me.

Post-script: Tiens! Lunch chez Anthony Tuesday, so my cup runneth over with good company and holiday fun.

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