14 December 2004

Au Voleur!

Holiday mood plummets when checking my finances online and spotting cheque #2623 made out for $1500 to a "Carrie Herren" for the purpose of "Blem Set" (Perm Set?).

This was one of the blank checks (unwisely) signed and sent to Stephanie for emergency in a package including

  • CD of Anna's best photos of her pals incl *originals*
  • Eminem disc 2 rip for Anna
  • Latest Star mag for Anna
  • Surprise CD for Steph
  • 2 cheques, both signed, one made out to Steph, the other blank
I lose no time reporting it via email to Bank of A via their online email facility, but this is only for my own faint peace of mind and will be useless. I must also phone them when I've worked out how one dials 1-800 over here.

The real bugger is Anna's lost original pics. I had originally ended this entry with a "Grr" and that's exactly how she reacted when I AIM'd her the bad news.

Payee Herren, if you're out there - get your pal to find the pics and mail them on to Ms Anna.

Post-script: 10pm Greece time, phoned Seattle bank branch only to get v unsympa Check Fraud rep who cannot help because I actually signed the damn'd cheque. Having waited for 20 mins for her to come online in the first place, I did not have time or patience to sit thru a lesson in sensible banking, so thanked her and hung up in grumpy dudgeon.

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