14 December 2004

The Corfiot

What an excellent magazine this is - not to be confused with *this* Corfiot.

Eh bien! So here I am actually *in* Corfu and with the December issue before me:

  • Page 7, Brit vice-Consul Lucy Steele's lucid account of Remembrance Sunday at the Brit Cemetery, illustrated with pic of my new favourite muscular Christian, Holy Trinity *Chaplain* (not Vicar), Clifford Owen, whose page 16 Chaplain's Chat discusses 'The Missing Third of Christmas' including a chilling reminder of what that paranoid Herod Rex got up to ('He may have backdated his estimate a bit in case the astrologers got it wrong')
  • Corfu setting for a new feature film, the bizarrely entitled "Will You Marry Me? But ..." examining the cultural differences between a traditionally raised Corfiot and a liberated Manx girl, yakety yak. That should have the local Brit lasses rolling in the aisles when it graces the Corfu Gaumont.
  • Another gem from 'Anthemis'
  • Hilary Paipeti took "A Trip to Syria" which yielded this gem of a para:
    "Spain is Flamenco, but this was not the watered-down version that they offer to tourists. Particularly the male dancer, chunky in build, was almost a bull himself - in fact, a bull would have fled before him, so raw and powerful was his dance. Afterwards, we all agreed that he was scary; during his dances, I found myself hardly able to breathe."
  • Grewsom Doings always worth reading.

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