18 December 2004

Blind Man's Flub

Phew! The reptile press have finally persuaded Blunkett to junk it. Not that that's the end: Mistress Quinn has still to give birth to Lurve Childe #2 before the baying ceases.

Seeing how it was conceivèd on Prospero's Isle whence I tap, perhaps it could be christened Spiros? Just a thought.

I know Boris Johnson blames the blubber's downfall on that splendidly timed biog in which he rubbishes his team mates, but I go for the "Hug too far" theory:

First we get that cringe-making cuddle of Gordon Brown as if to "reassure" the Chancellor over the biography reference; then we get Blind Pew's response to whether Blair had asked him to resign:

"We sort of gave each other a hug".

Croyez-moi - I've drenched enough Kleenexes behind the cricket pavilion not to cast the first moan sans serious soul search ... but this Blunkett bawler has redefined Wet.

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