13 December 2004


Courtesy of M Torres-Grant: view over pool dramatically sunk into old quarry, across sea to Albania coast.Sunny pic with which to kick off my Euro Xmas account.

Not much to recount about the flights except that I recall at Seatac lounging around with a coffee before realising I was in the wrong area and needed to hightail it to gate 16. This required descending to the tube train to take us out to international, and of course as soon as I set foot on the down-escalator, the dress code became more suited, the faces pudgier and more pinched, the accents dour northern or fluting Oxbridge. Once at the British Airways area - sea of British papers - FT, Dailies Mail and Mirror, Teleg etc.

On the Greek leg of the flight, a singularly hefty Grecque from across the aisle fainted *onto* the aisle. I was dozing so didn't see the actual tumble but felt mightily relieved she hadn't collapsed across *me*.

Cabin crew not much use - fanning her with the Emergency Exit cheatsheet and generally looking helpless.

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