29 August 2006



Random snaps from my guitar life out here.

I'd had this TEAC setup in mothballs since several past rockabilly avatars and had always intended to sell it.

Now I don't care what sort of fool I make of myself.Mireille

This total honey, Mireille, had been wandering around serving drinks and behaving like a waitress.

When the music started, she produced this horn and blew like Sonny Rollins' daughter.

Instead of being snooty, as would have befitted anyone wailing that well, she did the job and got on with partaying.

When I wake, I swim, then I plunk.

This shot sort of catches the moment.

I've had so many queries about Mireille that, with her permission, I post more pics below.


Anonymous said...

who's the hottie?

Busker said...

Isn't she?
Floating around being generally lovely and serveuse and then when the muzak kicked in, she grabbed her sax from nowhere and blew.
I'll post more of her. Divine lady.