15 August 2006

I listened from outside and got this relaxed shot of some fellow audience.

The guy in the white shirt is some major corruption buster in the Greek police, with a price on his head for defying the mobsters and bringing in the bad guys.

I asked him where his minders were but he said that *he* was his minders' minder.

Gentle - and gentlemanly - dude, very quiet and unassuming. Said that he used to play piano but his karate stuff bust his knuckles too much so he'd taken up rock guitar.

We talked Clapton and Jeff Beck and Fenders and Burns and I gave him that tip about using a skinny *banjo* string for the top E to get that effortless Steve Vai bend.

He was gracious enough to pretend he hadn't heard it before.

He didn't know Bill Frisell so I said I'd rip a compo of what he might enjoy.

Just a wonderful friendly evening.

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