28 August 2006



Merveilleuse miraculeuse Mireille

I thought she was just one of the guests, floating around being friendly, serving drinks, finding ashtrays.

Then when the music started she grabbed her horn and started blowing.

Lovely sound, circular breathing, those scraped notes a la Johnny Hodges.
Even took time to give a master class to the kids.

A bunch of them sang the latest French and Greek songs and M played along, weaving in n out the harmonies and just making magic.
Great solos.

Total focus and you could tell she was Juilliard or wherever by the way she grabbed the tune and worked the heck out of the chords without losing the composer's intention.

She'd take the singers' last phrase and wail with it.

funWhat transformed her act and made her the belle of the ball was that she had fun ...

Here in Greece, we're not so liberal with our ogles and compliments as back in good old male cochon USA where one comes right out and fancies a bird.

If we *were*, I'd come out and admire that lush curve of the derriere and all-round smashing figure. Ahem.

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