18 August 2006

Pearl one, jam one

Such beaut pics and evocative write-up by rwells of his Pearl Django al fresco  gig that i had to dig out my set of Stephane and Django and play it full blast over the jardin as i toiled.

My brother Pete and I both took lessons from the great Emil Bibobi who first introduced us to Django's playing.

Years later, we got to know Stephane Grappelli thanks to him staying with Pete in his Tuscan hideaway and later visiting my family in Hong Kong where I have pics of him holding and kissing a very young Anna, same name as Steph's mother.

Pete told me that every time S came to stay and was practising in the other room, he (Pete) would subtly take his guitar and plunk out a Django tune from the Hot Club days. Steph never took the bait, nor did he *ever* refer to Django in conversation and would sidle off topic if it was raised.

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rwellsrwells said...

lol. now that's some high-class one-upping. "steph," practicing in the salle d'something. Damn, Holmes, those tete-a-tete over the cubicle walls didn't reveal much did they?