03 May 2007


Vigilante Judge Sed' posts a bust of Nat Hale's Bong High Social Club.

Corfucian reader Denis McCaskill from Pitlochry sends me news of Howard Stapleton's:

Stalwart stuff - altho' Lynne Truss might look askance at that "your over 30" and rogue apostrophe in "25 year old's"


rwellsrwells said...

What's with the "my typewriter needs a new ribbon" font that you're using? Retro-Fashion statement?

Busker said...

I'd love to use poncey fonts but they appear flakey when viewed in the end-result, and i can *never* get the itals right. No matter how many spaces I give, they invariably still end up crammed. In the end, the simplest most basic works best. But any ideas, welcome.