11 May 2007

Not Her Man

Carla is the 2nd most beautiful woman on the island and, thanks to some kindly God of Platonic love, I am NOT wracked with unrequited adoration for her.

We enjoy a frere~soeur/fondle~slap cussin' cousins easy tactile relationship.

Leonidas on the other hand is obsessed with her.

I drive the 3 of us to the art exhibition at Mon Repos. I play what's in the Merc's stereo, a lugubrious album of
Lennie Cohen covers.

Leo jeers from the back seat at my rubbish choice of muzak.

Carla gives a 'look' and asks me how I like the album she lent me, and says
how pleased she is that I choose to play it on the car stereo.
Leo's face in the mirror is a picture.

Post-script : I nevah post pics but C texts me, "Y no foto? How they know?"

Ergo pic.

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