14 May 2007


She's only one kid. Countless young 'uns are missing, slaving, dying, suffering as I type. But for me - suddenly - she represents all the terror and pain and parental agony that I pray God you and I never know.

I really, really - really - want her to make it back safe.

Post-script :
  • Since penning the above, the whole thing has flared horrendously and, in respect and hope for the parents, I turn the sound down on CNN when it yet agains mentions the case.
  • I do think the hapless Murat is being made a scapegoat so the Portuguese fuzz can look as if they have the faintest idea what's going on.
  • Simon Jenkins makes a good comment in the Guardian.
  • I suppose it doesn't hurt that young Maddie (as she's morphed into) is cute as hell.

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