29 May 2007

Smoke-free Cars

Even tho' my life au jardin has caused me perforce to drastically reduce my blissful puffing of the blessed Karelia cig (cough, splutter), my hatred of the nanny-state anti-baccy bunch burns unabated.

July 1 sees Britons banned from smoking in the workplace, but do they realise that this includes nix fags in the car when on business and another person present?

Private owners using cars on business are included in this disgraceful law.

If the business mileage exceeds private mileage, again they can't smoke.

The poor Welsh have chafed under this yoke since April this year: if you've cruised thru Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch with passengers, amd any of you have had a ciggie, well, dai, you broke the law, look you.

It goes on: a no-smoking sign has to be displayed in any company car entering the land of the leek, regardless of whether any of you are smokers.

Same will go for cars in England come infamous July 1.

Dept of Insult to Insult: 80 quid fine for stubbing cig out on sidewalk

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