29 May 2007


I wrote about her before, and it's not getting any better.

You love her. How can't we all love her, such a sweetie.

The galactic publicity for the missing mite will probably go down somewhere in the Guinness Book for sheer something or other.

My firm, sad belief is that dear Madeleine is now such an internationally known face that whichever scruffy slave trader driver nabbed her, has quietly disposed of her as too hot to handle.

See also the sage RWells' comment which says it all.

Addendum: Potty Potter - I had thought JK Rowling a hard-headed sensible woman, but this plan to put bookmarks in her 7th edition of the Potteriad is cruel lunacy. The same day I read this about Rowling, I also read that Maddie's parents are beginning to commence acceptance of the possibility that their darling might be ... well, you know ...

So, her body is found followed by publication of Potter VII with the place mark pic of Madeleine RIP and it all starts all over again with the parents confronted by a gazillion reminders every which way they look.


rwells said...

"Delighted," to see the Pope? "Delighted?" How in the f**k can they be "delighted" about anything, and what's the Pope up to? This is going to end so badly. And...umpteen thousand adorable tots being blown to smithereens, sold into slavery, abandoned in dumpsters on a daily basis, but I guess they're not white enough... Oh dear, seem to have a bit of vitriol in my morning coffee today...

Busker said...

I second that e-potion. Vitriol with my metrio is definitely the kick starter of my days.