04 May 2007

Garden Tours

I declare the season officially OPEN.

Hacienda Corfuciosa is once again prone to attacks by visiting jardinerie buffs, complete with cameras, silly hats, and even sillier questions about them planty things.

They are a decent enough lot, given their predilection for the drudge hobby.

I pour the wine and the juice and make no pretense at sharing their interest in Yardwork.

I sometimes wonder if it might not benefit me to know something about botany: some of the gardening group are cute.

Afterwards, they collect on the patio as Yours Truly dispenses cooling vino and juice from the home trees.

Sam does his droopy friendly thing and everyone loves him.

No one quite believes my bot-abhorrence for this treadmill of futility and laugh when I wonder aloud why we don't save our pennies to afford an honest Albanian with a bulldozer and bag of cement to just pave over this demanding plantery and settle the score once and for all.

I have many better things to do than slave on the land.

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