10 March 2008

stefania and roy at the giggles bar, sidari, corfu

Blues Gig

Great show - really great evening.

See if the slide show works for you - I'm having huge probs linking to the photos I took.

Exactly what makes carnival time in Greece such fun - everyone dresses up and the top musicians come out to play.

Chanteuse Stefania is actually Allemande but sings pure blues as well as singing professionally in Greek. If this gig had been recorded, I would have snatched up a dozen CDs for my buddies over in Bezosville.

Roy on his PRS was a one-man dynamo.

Oh, and I played too (he says plaintively), but I was too shy to ask someone to snap me on the Ovation crooning away my dulcet Corfu songs and that incomprehensible ditty they always ask for:

"Always Fromgrep when you're in the queues,
Drat dem duplicate customer email blues,
'Lost my trolley,' says the voice at the other end:
AB-Basket gonna be yer friend."


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