28 March 2008

"Laconic Way"

A few weeks back, I passed some quality time with a proof copy of Phil Pullman's "Once Upon a Time in the North", latest addition to 'His Dark Materials' saga.

Story: Texan balloonist Lee Scoresby's first meeting (on White Sea Island Novy Odense) with the armoured bear, Iorek Byrnison.

They team up to help a Dutch merchant whose cargo has been illegally impounded.

Today I read an interview with Pullman where he says of the b'ar/balloonist duo that:

"I stole the idea from The Magnificent Seven.

There's a moment there when the two main characters, Yul Brunner and Steve McQueen, who've never met before, join forces in this sort of laconic way, to get something done."

I dislike it intensely when people read aloud ("Listen to this ...") and expect to instantly distract you from your part of the paper. I so enjoyed that line that I broke my rule. My companion got it in one and was forgiving:
"'Laconic way'. Neat. At heart, isn't that what Life should be about?"


rwells said...

112 pages with maps, and playing cards...what, no hat? Phil must have some sort of balloon payment due on his yacht.

Busker said...

LOL, good one.