26 March 2008

Choleric "Comment"

Dept of 'Worm Turning' but also an ace response to a treacherous post I made yonks back which should raise the hackles of every stalwart CS warrior.

I remember this cove: I'd been asking around my fellow users what sort of customer service there was and to a man they'd rolled eyes and advised me not to need any.

I don't remember the precise details of the encounter but the blog posting is clear and I trust my descriptions. And the bloke's response/comment leaves no ambiguity. A palpable hit, I'd say and a triumphy for bloggery.

I don't know anyone in the Kings Rd patch he talks about but anyone reading this should definitely pop in with sympathy and a spare cup of coffee.

This is *such* familiar fun, what?

We've met 1,000 growly-bear hermits of this ilk, crouched over keyboard, ready to bare their fangs at any intruder. I felt quite nostalgic.

And his comments on the local punters ... spot on. In fact, they apply to most of the Londoners I meet these days.

All good stuff and worthy of the widest audience and visitations.

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