13 March 2008

ny post pic


Rather a pretty girl, albeit un peu naif sounding.

She didn't realise it was Spitzer she was servicing?

Mon Dieu, even *I* have seen that jutting chin and E-type Jag bump of the brainy forehead to recognise the crime-busting (now busted) AG and ex-Guv.

What a very bizarre story this all is, to be sure. And *what* fun Eliot's enemies must all be having.

But can't you just *bet* that Ms K is being fitted up even now for a recording session, book and movie deals and about a gazillion TV appearances.

snoozeOne set of probs may be over for this cutie and a whole new set begun.

And you know who i feel sorry for? Eliot's very classy looking wife, a babe in her own right. A touch of the Jill Clayburgh ...

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