29 May 2008


There is a street light across the way - very across the way - that has irked us for some years.

The other night I borrowed a gun and shot it out.

My first shot was a sighter that needed 2 clicks right. The next one took the bulb out.

Most satisfactory.





rwells said...

Hooray for you! Once in LA I climbed up the side of a house to rip a TV antenna apart. The neighbors, despite many pleas to "turn it down," kept it turned up on warm LA evenings, and I spent way too long listening to their TV shows. Silenced the bastards!

Anonymous said...

Well done. I did exactly the same thing (when I had a gun) after the local council decided to floodlight my house buried deep in the country with yellow sodium light. We had to buy thicker curtains in order to get some sleep. In vain I pointed out that most cars have headlights nowadays, so I resorted to an antique 20 bore. Did the job beautifully. The council has now lowered the (replaced) lights so they light the road more than the house. Better, but I'm still aggrieved.

Busker said...

good man! 20 bore sounds just the job.