16 May 2010


Big kisses, indeed

Mental health issues ~ Gosh I remember the good old days of silencing mouthy mamzels by hustling them away in a metaphorical strait jacket.

One loose-cannon bit of candy had surfaced as publication day loomed of some senior government toff's ghosted auto-bio-hagio.

Le Tout Londres was attending the launch and out of the blue this soft-spoken mamzel came on the phone. Courtesy of printer skulduggery, she'd read the proofs and asked could she come along?

I was young and naive and thought only of good press. I said why not? She said it was a little bit more than just 'why not?' and needed stealth.

Well, we never met because we was out-stealthed and my reply to her letter from an Eastbourne rest home was returned 'Unknown'.

Ethics Probe: The problem here is that Triesman is such a revolting looking specimen. Often, they look slimey and untrustworthy in print because the editors choose the most unflattering.

In Triesman's case, no one photo adequately captures the full 3-dimensional horror of that oozy evasive hooded-lid gaze and praying-mantis slither of a gait. Shudder. What that poor stool-pigeon creature went through.

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