12 May 2010

Bastards! Bastards!

Talk about hitting a strummer right in the foc'sle where it hurts.

Ooh! Blimey! Wait til Big Jim Potts hears about this.

OK so he's like Big Blues Brondesbury 'n' all that but he'll still rally to us Donegal-knits when we's under fire, begorrah, sing hey nonny-no catch the wind.

Plus, he now has all these Ionian Irregular 'readers' whom he can summon in a trice.

Just one phone call to Ronnie the Remainder and Mr 'Clever Crayon' Rob Thompson will be wearing 6H cement flip-flops au fond de Lac Copais.



Corfu Bluesman said...

Never fear, Big Jim is here.

Santa Claus is back in town.

Simon Baddeley said...

Saw Potts arriving on the noon stage into Kapodistria as we went out.

Busker said...

Thanks Simon.

rwellsrwells said...

Remember, Van Ronk called the revival the Great Folk Scare. Open mic's - scary. I remember running light at a club when two sweethearts came on and in the course of their set called Summertime an old plantation song. It was a cute rendition though.

Busker said...

Like it. This post is clearly hitting a nerve.