05 May 2010


Oyez Oyez ~ As of 8 March 2010, handling of Brit passport enquiries moved to the UK Passport Service Greece Helpline.

  • FAQ ~ With effect from 8 May 2010, the British Passport Production Centre in Madrid, Spain will process all British passport applications from Greece.

  • Here's that link again.

  • I'm not doing this as a Public Service. I'm shoving this up here so that when, as I know there will be, whingey wailing and gnashing of bad british chompers breaks out, renting of those bad-taste threads that only we Anglais could buy let alone wear ... when the familir cry goes up,
    "Whaat?? No one told me ... bloody Embassy, no bloody good if you ask me, blimey, whadda we pay our taxes for? And another thing, that Sandra Titchy wossaname, the consul bird wossshe ever done for us? Never see her about I was down in kavos other day bloody good bash all me mates there free booze never saw a blinking rep of the embassy a disgrace i call it ... typical innit, anyway I'm going back for the match tomorrow and me effing passport only run out dinnit? Last year. They shoulda warned me yeah?"

    I intend to laugh long and loud and with the clearest of clear consciences.

    Read up, citoyens!

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