15 May 2010


Doncha love clever Athens Plus's weekly 'Take 10' theme songs?

I grab all my coolest facebook posts from there and sit back and enjoy the admiration.

This week ... Comeuppance songs and you KNOW how I love to git down wit' all that schadenfreude stuff.


  1. Like a rolling stone ~ The Bobster
  2. Liar - Henry Rollins
  3. Buy nbow pay later - The Whitlams
  4. No money no honey - Beck
  5. The Script - None the Wiser
  6. Rollin' & Tumblin' - Muddy Waters
  7. Who loves the sun - The Velvet Underground
  8. If you can afford me - Kate Perry

    [Reminds me of Dottore Antoine Stevens ~ folks round here still pull out that boring chestnut of how he turned to madame Vicar and waved his ancient mariner digit,

    "Avis, you couldn't afford me."
    Yo! Bumping into some of the cases on the mean streets of Mavili, I often feel like getting the ol' busking cap out and a rogues' gallery showcard with a caption "SPONSOR A SPAZ FOR DOC STEVENS MAKEOVER"

    (It would all go to me)]

  9. In this hole - Cat Power
  10. One by one - Gutterball

Hot chick touting cool book: You're wondering what that beautiful woman is doing up there flashing Jim Potts' very wonderful cultural history of The Ionian Islands and Epirus.


  • * It is a wonderful book

  • * I took it along for Prof Potts to sign and be generally ribbed and embarrassed and there he is up there in the specs and turquoise-ish shirt looking much too happy for a scribbler.

    Gurbstgate ~ whether you read Anon's comment or not, do check out the Gurbst story. Damn, this gives the comments feature a good name.

    Oh boy - are eulogies ever safe again? ROFFLMAO

    Out comes the 'official' line, which gets printed, within hours ... the real story.

    Imagine if reviews pages had such facilities - perhaps they do.

    Review of 'Doghouse Blues' by 'Big Jim' Potts. "Another rockin' album from 'Fatha' Potts that will no doubt find its way onto the juke boxes of Kavos and the caïques of Kassiopi. Lord have mercy, as they say, or at least Mr Potts certainly does throughout these rocka-bluesy tracks.

    But oh dear, when oh when is he going to throw off the dead-hand influence of 'Brondesbury' Bert and get his own sound? That camping trip the bluester buddies embarked on during the lost years of 1970-73 may have resulted in the brilliant "GPS Blues" from BB but it did 'Peripatetic Jim' no favours - he's still using a Dunlop 1.4mm pick to try to get that Dustbowl sound. More down n dirty Dorset, you ask me - arrgh.

    Worth the price of the album track is of course the autobiographical title track 'Doghouse Blooz'. That'll keep the denizens of Dassia charlestoning and chunderin' all nite long." - Memphis Clarion (incorporating Streatham Strummer)

    Anon Comment: "Actually, it's not at all autobiog and she's a perfect swee- ... I mean, may I correct your reviewer on a small point?

    I once met Jim at Stav's bar and enjoyed a quality time chat as we queued for the loo.

    I can assure you that Doghouse Blues is entirely made up, especially verse 3.

    So there.

    Another thing, I've just checked all my picks ... I mean, thanks to a powerful magnifying glass over the latest album, I have examined the pick in Mr Potts' whirling blurring right hand (amazing technique!) and see that he uses only the finest 2.5mm bespoke turtle shell plectra from House of Strum, 12 theotoki, Corfu 49100.

    Anyway, what do you know? You weren't exactly landing on the diminished 9th on the Bukka White tribute last Wednesday."


    Anonymous said...

    Bob's "Like a Rollin' Stone" and Muddy's "Rollin' and Tumblin'" are also in my Top 20.

    But I'd already ripped off your photos on my web-page.

    We both have good taste, it seems.

    I await the review with trepidation.

    Busker said...

    I agree over the good taste. No idea what review you're talking about - this is a CYA - or rather CMA - to put off the scent all other readers of this blog who may read the Island when it comes out and go "Wait a minim, this bloke and the author have been chatting merrily about this book. Summat fishy."
    Once it's made ink, i'll post it here. Too scared of madame editrice to jump the gun but once it's out i'll post it and anyone can comment, even anonymes.
    i want a situation like the comments in Gurbstgate.


    Anonymous said...

    Not so sure about merry chat.

    I expect no favours, nor mercy.

    Lord, have mercy.

    You know what killed Keats?

    Anonymous said...

    I use no plectrum, son.

    To really feel the blues, you gotta use your thumb.

    And that's the way I sign my name.