02 June 2012


"The memo was sent on Thursday, saying that it was "potentially embarrassing" to have offices with "non-work related posters".

It was sent to senior staff in a part of the Cabinet Office whose desks are in a Treasury building, and sent by that department's "Head of Supplier Management", Sue Morris [a counterfeit link if e'er I saw one]."

Observe how the top mention of 'LinkedIn' is spelled lower-case second 'i'.

Likewise, the fumbled inconsistency of "Sue Morris's Overview" followed by "Sue Morris' Experience".

Dead giveaway that the Corfucian Irregulars have infiltrated and that we can look forward to her Bunter bio-details taking on a Hunteresque hue.

LinkedIn hacked: what did i tell you? The HackedIn imposter (see the lower case 'l') has indeed been hacked, which is why Bunting Bunterina Morris's personal details are all over the net and how the mockers, scorners and bunting badgerers are able to hound her every which way, yea even unto the Treasury jakes and Peterborough potties, down to the Union Jack Bunting Bronco loo paper.

I knew there was something fishy about the quality of raw intelligence flooding into Corfucius Circus.

Robots & Rules - Even so, ouch yaroo! What sort of Orwellian automatons are we building over there?

Jimmy Delingpole dishing it to the bovine Morris.

Can/Will there be a more cloth-eared response to the celebrations than the "Sue Morris SNAFU"? Except that it won't be seen as a gaffe but a well-trained patriotic adherence to duty.

Oh how I long for the Morris creature to be mocked and pilloried from media to memo ... catcalls from her neighbours ... lewd bunting draped over her garden gnomes.

  • It wont happen, the place's heart- and soul-dead, but oh for some Yeomen true to step forward and speak and smite for England.
  • You know what? Private Eye could run a wonderful "Morris-balls" collection of Jubilee Jizzers of just this sort of brain-dead behaviour. Contributions would come from all over the country.

  • Actually, she doesnt look the pinch-faced sourpuss skintmistress she makes out from her actions.
  • Very nice of someone to send through this dandy Treasury Org chart. What'm I meant to do with it? (Aside from playing 'Where's Suzi'?)

  • Even better, play Wake up, little Susie. Love dem chunky opening guitar chords.

    Uh ohh ... a flood of data pouring in. I must have caught the spirit of some mood. Gad this'll take me yonks to process into a blogworthy dissing. Also looks like some of her colleagues have been data diving behind the official passwords. Better watch it or they will be Linked OUT (ha ha)

  • Sue Morris
    Head of Supplier Management HM Treasury
    Peterborough, United Kingdom | Information Technology & Services

    Current: Head of Supplier Management HM Treasury

    Past: Project manager Department for Education and Skills, IT Support UK Government
    Edu: University of Hull

    Lots of finger pointing in this direction.

  • Curious link to here. God, Miss Bunting sounds a boring bunter.

    Daily Mail - dear old Mail. It may own barrel-scrapery but it doesnt half know how to go to town on someone when it feels the urge.

    Stop Press ~ theyre out there. It doesnt just stop with SuMo. Try this for asinine hide-bound Twerp Power.

  • Better hope Bunting Morris isn't a Teleg reader.

    Buntline SpecialBy the titling of Tiresias! Don't tell me that headline wasn't adornèd thus without clambering onto chairs and desks to affix the graphics and align the HTML.

  • My Man in Pattaya reports a deft Morris Mauling by stalwart Stanley ...

  • ... and Xavier reminds me that whenever I see that ridiculous biz-speke use of 'solutions' - as in 'Joint Workplace' - I reach for my Bunting Special.

  • Do look at this ~ over in the US, there's a Dept of Treasury in ... Bunting Street. Too funny.

  • Bunting banned - not enough scrumpy being quaffed down in Zomerzet, seems. The Morrisonian council stomped on the height flout. By the time this nonsense has run its course, i should have a decent list of 'Bunting Berks' whom to put in touch with each other. They can organise meetings and outings (heavily decorated with the B word) and invites to be sent out in colour from the office printer. (Also here)

  • Austerity Bunting - but of course! Down the Navi' theyre serving 'Austerity Beer' so i must suggest they drape 'austerity' bunting over the tap. Theyre also selling a wonderful Swedish cider in various flavours - dangereuse ... tastes refreshing and mild but 4.5% and after a can you feel dizzy. I can't drink it with Denise around for fear of what I'll propose.

  • HSE ~ the myth. 'Just use a bit of common sense.' I may plonk this link at the top of the page so 'Bunting' Morris will see it early on in her perusal of this Post of Shame.

  • Hefty insurance ~ By t'heck, Bunting-gate has real legs and real nincompoops to fuel the fun. All thanks to 'Bunter' Morris ....

  • Elf n Safety: Not just Bunting Barminess, Ricky Littlejohn good on the lunatic obduracy that characterises H&S in every cranny of Life.

  • "How many A4 Union Flags?" ~ good abrasive piece by Rædwald on the cost of laser copying.

    Good blog in general, well in the spirit and tenacity of the original Ræd' of East Anglia.


    Simon Baddeley said...

    Could have done with Sue Morris at the Corcyra Beach Hotel back in 2006

    Corfucius said...

    bingo! you said it!