03 April 2013


"A bit bloody late for the battle", as Freddie Truman said to the cabbie he hailed to take him to Waterloo and was asked,

'The station, guv?'

WTF couldnt this bit of scribblery have come out earlier in all the cally-givey tomfuckery? Before the theft would've helped, but then again they had under a year to get their fingers out.

Not to worry. All this is also for my sons-in-law to-be whom my girls havent even met, let alone tried to explain the whys and wankery of the Piece of Work.

April 8 - grande anniversaire of the filcherie. If I keep the boozing up a further 3 days to the 11th, I'll be able to toast my 7th year in corner.

I always like seeing people's faces when they work it out that I hadnt even been doing the job a full year when my girls' bijouterie was nicked.

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