07 April 2013


I have already suffered offensive behaviour from my neighbours, the Pali family - Maria and Sofia and her son Robbo.

  • Erecting a fence separating me from my own DEH meter.
  • Rocks thrown down onto my drive
  • Fixtures damaged
  • General insults and harrassment as i walk round my own property
Sunday April 7, 1830hrs: I return from lunch to be faced with the kitchen door be-spattered with excrement. That's the spattered door, right - stinking of poo

Same kitchen door,left, 3 days ago. Nice and clean, guests know it as the entrance more than the formal front door. 

The Palis objected, said it kept them up, so they descended into my land when I was and smashed it akimbo, right.

Fine lamp, it was, too.  Only went on for 30 secs, enough to move from car to house.

  • To add insult to ordure, as I neared the house, I thought it bizarre that Kostas should have done such odd weekend's gardening ~ and simply left the prunings scattered.
  • Now I realise that the Palis must have taken advantage of their faeces flinging trespass to also litter the drive with their old prunings. 

Stoned : Chucked rocks down, big buggers.

I now have to park further in and away from their range.

Three large rocks were pitched onto my roof, only discovered when Kostas clambered up to investigate a leak at the last heavy rain.

Blatantly fencing off my DEH meter.

Sunday April 7: On return and confronted by the door, I've immediately emailed my lawyer with photo attachments and a demand that something be done. 

It is very wearing to live under such siege conditions.

Sofia and son Robbo erecting their fence

Robbo in action, isolating my meter

Note from the Palis, left at my kitchen door, demanding removal of my DEH meter from 'their' property.


  • Public Order and Citizen Protection ~ that's what we need here. Look at that stern protective gaze.
  • Who better to uphold it than the offices of my mother's own lawyer, Mr Nikolaos Dendias - the Minister himself of Public Order and Citizen Protection ~ Υπουργείο Προστασίας του Πολίτη.
  •  D.V.C.I  to the rescue 

That should get those pesky Palis quaking in their clogs.


I am expecting visitors through the day - including my new engineer advisor.

I thought it only fair to post a warning to unsuspecting arrivals to park judiciously away from and out of range of the pelting Palis. 


Caroline Philp said...

Just disgusting behavior!!!!

Corfucius said...

Thanks, Caroline. And imagine how frightened my mother would have been, returning home to find this.

I think they should be required to explain their behaviour to some law-enforcement body.

Thanks for supportive comment.

Simon Baddeley said...

Thinking of you. A falling out of neighbours (in this case not of your making) is worse even that one between family members. I just wish people could avoid being so base. This is a problem that decent rational people could sort out soberly and sensibly. Instead they make war on you. It's a universal sin, not just Greeks of course. S