26 April 2013

Patricia Ellen Corry Reid, RIP

God bless and God rest dear Patricia.

She was the first friend I made here when I arrived on April 11 2006 and she immediately hauled me onto her never-resting plot-hatching Corfu carousel.

I knew no-one except my mother's simper-fi garden gab-gab bunch, so wherever we met she would grab me and whizz me round the room for whirlwind intros.

She understood my mother better than I realised and looking back I see she spotted bang to rights the spiritual graveyard ahead if I continued down the vile gardenry route my mother intended for me. I was just too thick and blind to see it at the time.

Wonderful lady.

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Corfu Bluesman, Dorset Newsman said...

Very sad indeed.

See Obituary (Telegraph) here: