03 April 2013


Why can't I post posts like this? From Simon Baddeley's already charming enough thankyou very much Democracy Street blog, this wonderful page captivated midst a sulky Wednesday morning.

I suffer badly from apnea and need a CPAP mask to breathe so's i dont stop breathing and my heart don't over-pump and all that shit.

I'm naughty and dont wear it all the time and then wonder why i'm so shagged out in the morning and why the doc refused to sign my driving test health form, because my heart is dodgy as hell. (Not to worry, i had maman's quack phone up and all was settled ex-fakelas).

anyway, i needed a new mask and i couldnt remember where we used to meet so i could remind grik-only-speaking mikalis who i was.

Used to go to this restaurant soo often with Kruella but she would not tell me the name because ... you know how hellish furious women get ... so i was thrashing around calling everyone a fool and then La Scornèd came back and did a deal and told me - Strapunto - so i goggled it and ... voilà! Sinbad had like totally nailed it in Rue Demo, complete with super photos and one of him on the verandah reading what at first looked like Brian Church's guide to Grik in 25 years. But I digress.

Just sayin', i should mellow out a bit and try to write more like the Prof.

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