18 April 2013

CAROLINE ~ Painter Muralist

If I hadnt just typed that headline with my own mischievous hand I'd declare it an impostor. In fact, i do distrust it and am gazing suspiciously at my typing hand as if it were some alien Dr Strangelove-like limb out to get me in trouble.

I mean, look at it - shocking in its straightforward simplicity.

Caroline Philp - painter muralist - her blog lives again.

But where the puns, the wordplay?
  • Blogging babe back on the block
  • Oh, Carol! - the prequel
  • Karess of Kyma 
  • Acrylics Ahoy!
All those ghastly attempts at whipcrack humour. Wassup?

Nope, just a celebratory post that the lady's back 'n' blogging, and she goes straight into my HTM-elliflous hit parade along with the other goodies: 
STOP PRESS ~ Wait! Ricardo reports "Currently running two while experiencing a dry writing season.

Confident that the rain will return." 

Godspeed the downpour.

And don't forget CP's wonderful Blurb book, swiftly yours via Fedex which transforms into Speedex for us on Prospero's Isle.

Oh how my hand itches to be of mischief!

That Diva Dauber taps my inner Gollum, but no, I'm going to behave because the hot-button links of KYMA PHILP MURALIST (what have you) will have every search engine around bringing this post up and I don't want to frighten away the faithful.

I've had to self-rap myself on the knuckles for posting an earlier 'floating mine' decoy blog that had an unsuspecting stalwart on the rocks. Whoops.

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