21 February 2007

Abbreviations for Personal Ads

I once swore I'd try anything once except Morris dancing, incest ... and dating via those twee personal ads in periodicals subscribed to by distressed gentlefolk such as moi.

Well, the personal ad promise bit the dust and orft I jolly well tootled on my quest for Mamzel Parfaite.

Trouble is, I couldn't make out some of the abbrevs, such as gsoh (''good sense of humour') and wltm ('would like to meet'. Bit obvious. Why else are they advertising?)

And what about tv? A television, I wondered? Why require a tele if everyone's such scintillating company and loves getting out and about?

Just looked it up - it stands for 'transvestite'.

Addendum: Write it right and the cool comments will swoop in. Scary, indeed, but hilarious "interpretations" for added clarity.

Idea for new game: Over the port, Stilton and Maui Wowie, guests to match 'interpretation' to the original. Some of Majenta's clarifications are ingenious:

  • Shy, needs coaxing. Give it a week or so.
  • Petite, unintrusive, sweetheart of a girl just looking for Joe Sensitive; bring something to gnaw on.
  • Caring, subtle, experienced homosexual ... Wear THREE condoms.
  • Adams Family meets Hustler magazine. Our genital wart cycles are SYNCHRONIZED!

(There goes my family blog status. There go the advertisers. Here come the fierce filial emails)

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Ashley said...

Then this'll scare you: Flipsides;
and more here. I did not write most of those.