19 February 2007

Clean Monday

Why I like living in Greece, etc.

First day of Spring over here , tra-lah, so none of that fasting prayers stuff but into the jalopy and off to distant picnic spots, there to nosh on rubbery squiddy things and swap booze and embraces with strangers and help their kids fly their kites higher than the neighbours.

I tried looking up "Yo, kid, go fly a kite" but there wasn't quite the nuance I was after.

Also, ethniki music on all radio channels which leads to dancing and hand-holding after a few goblets of vino.

I wanted to have some solemn dirge ready but I was caught on the hop when I trogged out to pick up some essentials with which to get thru the day (aka booze, cigs et al)

"They call it Cleanly Monday, my Saviour's love endures;
Call it Cleanly Monday, with lungs and liver pure,
'Driving all around - friggin' shops shut, that's fer sure"

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