02 February 2007

Potter Spotter

The count-down

Oyez oyez ...

Still all of six months to go but the weirdo Harry Potter stories are oozing from the woodwork.

  • Alma mater Amazon.com has sent out two  releases with typically idiotic stats, such as that first day of advice orders was all of 547% up on that for "Half-Blood Prince". Duhh.
  • Publishers to the gentry, Scholastic, explain (and blame) the upped price on a rise in manufacturing costs
  • A spokesperson: "Since 2003, clearly, the prices have gone up for production, for paper, for gas, for distribution and security, and this reflects the increase." Quaite. Clearly, indeed.
  • The NYT nips in to point out that Scholastic depends on a Potter transfusion (book division sales fall about 15% when a new title isn't in the offing.)
  • BUT, insiders know that more Potter is NOT in fact critical, since listing a new Rowling usually represents only 13% of book division sales.
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