22 February 2007


Nothing like a dose of penury to put a bit of oomph in a blog.

Dude Works firing on all cylinders in his tear-jerking account of transparent bank balances and accompanying woes.

Immediately put me in mind of Odd Todd, so of course I had to summon Tassia (in my politest Greek, of course) to bring me another tasse de co-FFAYY as I settled down to giggle at it all over again.

In fact, only semi giggle. The first time I came across the Todd spoof, I was safely manacled to a monthly trickle of bread and gruel on the galleon Bezosia, under the loving lash of pirate chief, Marcus Schaler. Come to think of it, the roguish Works shared a starboard oar just down the way. Good times.

Then I watched Toddie many years hence when *I* too was 'resting' and it wasn't the least bit funny.

So, everyone read and admire ZW's prose and chuck a mite in his tip jar and let's get the lad back in the saddle again.

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