28 February 2007


Two ace videos from YouTube of the great Django Reinhardt and L'Ot Cloob de France

  • Wonderfully posed one of Djangers fiddling on the frets as the Volas play cards and smoothie Stephane warms up. Look at them puffing away on the Gauloises - good lads!

    Stephane had told me that the Macaferri had a very high and loose action, and if you look closely as Django picks you see that there's hardly any tension there. How on earth he made those fast runs. Oh, and you can also see clearly the damaged tendons of the fretting hand. Fascinating bit of musical history.

  • The tuxed up lads en concert.

    (PS - Props to the hot, clubbing Wells for alerting me to the original funky link. I sometimes suspect that Thou Tube doesn't really like one re-posting)

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