15 February 2007

no sadness

yonks back in my bainbridge days, there was a poetry comp that i entered but i submitted under a pseudonym because, in my paranoia, i suspected one of the judges would dismiss me.

it got chosen, as i knew it would, but dilemma - to whom should the check go?

fool that i was, i'd intended to use the name of an exquisite pal of the elder child - one Morgan (Morgana? Kris will know. Rather fanciable mum, to boot)... gorgeous girl, JV lookalike, of course (PuLEEZ, can we not move on?? - Ed) I could hardly order my coffee coherently while she was barista at the Bakery - but i got it wrong and thought the name was Delgado, so i submitted as Amanda Delgado of the parish of Yaquina.

The Spitfire was livid: 250 smacker gone AWOL that could have bought a ton of wode and cool sounds? Dad goofs again.

rather nice: one day i was awaiting the ferry and someone said "aww, i like that one" and it was Amanda's

I translated it into greek and have been singing it and a local chanteur wants to record it.

no biggie, just a quiet expression of 'that feeling'. in fact, when i wrote it, i felt nothing, just the craftsman's attention to what fits. now i'm bootee of the year, it sort of resonates, dammit.

No Sadness

No sadness, just a way of walking home
That links the lamplight to the shadows
And a meaning to 'Alone'

Choreographed queuing at the ferry
Why must we stay so clear?
Not own up to being grown up
Enough to miss your shoulder,
The way you brushed back my hair

Of course, the song version is a little livelier and more macho: decent intro, C - E minor - F but with open D as bass - and lots of slidey stuff up the frets:

If not now, when and where
Will I own up to being grown up
Enuff to miss your shoulder
The way, etc

And a foppish chorus (diving to E - Amin - some weird D-minoring chord I dont know - a G7 with open strings that shouldnt work but does - using the German girl's trick of saying "bli blah bli" to mean et cetera.)

I asked to sit in on the recording. Philip said "Of course.I want you to sing one chorus with your funny accent."

Cheek! But watch this space - if it takes off, look forward to the Fromgrep song in Greek.

Jeffrey Preston Bezos, Man of the Year
Here's to the reps who grepped and got you there ...

And so forth.

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