29 January 2007

Letters to the Editor

Good reason if needed for taking the paper version of the Daily Telegraph as well as  checking out the abbreviated online version: the letters section.

Two delightful offerings in the Jan 27 edition.

Andrew Baxter writes from Banbury, Oxon, with a fool-proof method of identifying the class of people - by using the car test:

"A couple taking another couple for a drive would seat themselves thus

  • Working class, men in front.
  • Middle class, man with his own partner in the front
  • Upper class, man with other partner in the front."
  • Spot on absolutely right. Now I'm wondering how it would go in the US?

    Letter 2 from Tim Sugg of Hope Valley, Derbyshire:

    "At traffic lights in Bradford, a large van drew alongside. The sign on the side read 'Khan & Khan Builders.'

    Underneath was the slogan: "You've tried the cowboys - now try the Indians."

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