27 January 2007

Fake Sheikh

On this joyous day when the guttersnipe News of the World has its nose further bloodied in the Courts for illegally hacking into royal mobile phones, it's worth remembering another reptile in this rag's ranks, the loathsome Mazher Mahmood, undercover reporter known as the "fake sheikh" for his poses to gain his targets' trust.

No sewer depths are too rank for Mahmood to sink to, no values too dishonest but he takes them as his own.

Targets have included society figures, most notably Sophie, Countess of Wessex and the beguiling Princess Michael of Kent. He also exposed Prince Harry's drug taking.

The wider this low-life's image is broadcast, the more likely people will spot him on one of his vile escapades and thwart his efforts with a thorough drubbing.

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