07 January 2007

Frenchies Fried

or, How to cop a Parisian 'tude

J'kid pas.

No, seriously, chaps, everyone knows my love/hate/hate relationship with my French confrères and con-soeurs (gad that sounds rude), hence my hilarity at clever Max Davison's report on how

"... Parisians have finally got wise to the fact that they are a byword for rudeness and launched a charm offensive.

As reported ... a new tongue-in-cheek travel guide by the Paris tourist board deconstructs

  • The Gallic Shrug
  • The Moue
  • ... and some of the other magisterially dismissive gestures that so annoy visitors to the French capital.

  • Alors, you thought that waiter making juggling movements with his hands had dropped a croissant? Mais non. He was executing a gesture known as Les Boules, which is as offensive as it sounds.
  • You were baffled by that woman squeezing her thumb and forefinger together ..."
  • Clever stuff.

    Check out, too, Max's deft spoof on the repertoire of gestures and facial expressions in the Londoner  s' armoury, a section more suitable for our transAtlantic cousins than those rhino hides across the Channel: Whereas yer Johnny Frog would simply shrug gallically at Max's cheeky barbs, les Merkans would go into a tizzy and take careful note so's not to put a brogue wrong.

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