21 January 2007

Julie Leung lookalike Caroline

Soirée Jam

Strummed a shy number (not photod coz too shy to ask anyone to snap me). Audience applauded like mad, just like the old days. Everyone terrifically talented.

In came Caroline (Karo-Leen, française, dis donc) and found a vacant seat right by yours truly.

Too much to ask of a man that he sits watching an attractive woman enjoying strummers and chanters when he knows he can step in and blow the opposition away ....

the trio

Alors! Shy retiring Busker drops all sorts of delicate hints that he's like sort of familiar with which way's north on a fretboard and might not need *too* much arm twisting to be dragged up front to "perform".

"Allez!" purred Caroline, resting a hand on my quivering plectrum.

"Oh ALL right," I grumbled, barging my reluctant way to the front and sending a tray of canapes flying.

No guesses which decadent ditties I trundled out to watch mamzel's eyes glow: Busking the Cost (yawn groan) and the Bainbridge Ferry song, with Seabold Saturday as reluctant encore (yeah right ... bobbity lurch)

Unfortunately, so dazzled was I by la C that i completely forgot to ask someone to snap ME.

Duhh ...

I blame it all on Caroline looking a bit like, or at least reminding me of, the lovely Julie Leung (whom God preserve) who will absolutely hate  being included in such a despicable looksist sexist posting but one is allowed to fancy other men's wives out here so who am I to defy tradition? Besides, when Ted comes after me with a meat cleaver, Mrs Pantopoulou from #21 has promised me she'll misdirect him out of Pyrgi and up towards Spartilla where he'll get lost in the olive groves, buying me enough time to don beard and silly nose.C being served another portion of puddingLook - I speak not with forked tongue: we had an actual butler serving us as we stomped and clapped and yodeled and did all the things music lovers do when they're bopping to Burl Ives and Trini Lopez covers (by Hermes that dates me).

Psst, regardez the sheen on la belle Caroline's tresses. I couldn't take my eyes off her.

(Also a touch of the divine Julie Vick (sigh).

Dude! What IS  it about these Julies? Like, move ON , man ...)

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